Our team is glad to welcome you here at CleanX Master, where we are renowned for promoting positivity through the individuals, brands, and things we feature.

CleanX Master was established by two extroverted friends who find happiness in exploring the world. This was initially our personal site, a digital collection of everything that interested us while in our explorations.

We thank our fun-loving followers for what CleanX Master is today. CleanX Master offers one-stop shopping for cleaning related products and tips. We have confidence in all the products and brands that we feature, and we like to show you the way we utilize them in real life.

At the moment, our focus is directed towards home equipment associated with cleaning, as well as tips on enhancing your living lifestyle. We collate and present expert opinions on the said topics with the aim to inform and entertain.

In addition, we conduct interviews of the specific individuals that give us the inspiration to do what we do, and we hope that they will inspire you too. According to our opinion, everyday living should be enjoyable, and surrounding ourselves with things that we find pleasure in.

Supporting Local

We love to direct our content towards promoting local products, talents, and scenes to our level best. Just a modest contribution to our society.

Partnering with Us

If you are a brand or business that would love to partner with us, then we recommend that you speak and meet with us before featuring your products on our website. The ability to provide a personalized experience for the things that we post here is one of the main reasons we have a tight following. Get in touch with us at hello@cleanxmaster.com.

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